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Three NEW things to know about HIV

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Think you know everything there is to know about HIV? Well the science about the virus is constantly evolving. That means our options for prevention and treatment are changing as well. Check out the top threeNEW bits of information you should know about HIV.

1. Treatment-as-prevention

This means treating a person with HIV with antiretroviral medicines so that there is not enough of the virus in their body fluids to transmit to their sexual partner or a future child. Through “viral suppression” we can reduce HIV transmission by up to 96%. HIV still lives in the body and treatment must be continued to maintain the low levels.


2. One a day

While we are still working on developing a cure for HIV our tools for treating the virus are becoming better and better. Just 15 years ago people had to take several drugs to stay alive. Now there are pills that offer a combination of HIV drugs. This allows many people to take their treatment in one pill, once a day. 


3. There's a new way to prevent HIV

Pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP can prevent a person from contracting HIV even if they are exposed. It involves taking an antiretroviral medicine every day. The approved drug is Truvada.  This is a costly prevention option but it offers us one more way to help reduce infections.  

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