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Living with HIV and being on drugs

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What are the three main issues facing drug users who are HIV positive?

HIV is the least of my problems. I have no place to sleep. I live under the steps in the CDC (public housing). I used to live in CDARI’s shelter but left there when I went back to smoking. They did not throw me out; I just left after stealing some stuff and went back on the street. Life on the street sucks but at least no one tells me what to do.

I would like to stop smoking crack and just smoke cannabis but it is hard because most weed dealers also sell crack and I get sucked into it again and again.  I stopped taking my meds when I left the shelter because I lost them and when I went to the clinic for more I had to wait a long time and the nurse gave me a hard time for leaving the shelter. She knew I left and that I took things; I don’t think they should have told her that.

Today I don’t have enough food to eat and since the hurricane there is not even clean water to drink.

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