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Calling all Caribbean people

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Bring your French or Patois or Kreyol or English or Dialect or Dutch or Spanish. Share your words and images and sounds and sights. Whatever your HIV status, belief system, nationality, age, race, sexuality, gender identity or political views, we welcome you. Come. Let’s talk.

This revamped UNAIDS Caribbean website is for you, by you. It’s a space for Caribbean people to explore our shared issues surrounding sex, sexuality, gender, human rights and HIV. We welcome your thoughts, feelings and experiences in whatever medium you’re most at ease. Write an essay or a short story. Tell your story through photographs or art. Shoot and share a video of your concerns, your space, yourself. And respond honestly to the ideas and information that you encounter here. What matters is that we start and sustain a dialogue about the matters that most touch our lives—one that is as diverse, colourful and dynamic as we are!

Every month we’ll feature a theme around which we invite your creative and intellectual output. For February 2012 that theme is “My life with HIV”. We invite people living with or affected by HIV to give a glimpse into their realities—the highs and lows, triumphs and trials.  

The idea is inspired by “In the Silence of My Skin”, a project for young people living with HIV that was designed by Trinidadian psychotherapist Tracie Rogers.  Rather than be interrogated by cold, clinical researchers the group was trained in photography and participated in group discussions over several months. The result is a collection of powerful visual and verbal narratives about their reality.

“We do research ‘on’ young people and throw information ‘at’ them. This was about producing something with them,” Rogers said. Poignant and powerful, that exhibit offers people an opportunity to match HIV with the human experience. Maybe you’ve already been working on something. Or maybe this is the spark for a new project. Send your submissions during January to



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The UNAIDS team offers the Caribbean the broad expertise of cosponsors and other UN organisations in areas such as program development and management, women and child health, education, legal networking, community care initiatives and resource mobilisation. The goal is an expanded response to HIV in the region with the world’s second highest HIV prevalence.