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About UNAIDS Caribbean

The UNAIDS Caribbean Sub-regional Office is responsible for the 16 Caribbean countries that are member states of the United Nations. All 16 countries have reported on the status of their HIV epidemic.

The UNAIDS team offers the Caribbean the broad expertise of cosponsors and other UN organisations in areas such as program development and management, women and child health, education, legal networking, community care initiatives and resource mobilisation. The goal is an expanded response to HIV in the region with the world’s second highest HIV prevalence.

The UNAIDS Caribbean Team

Latin America and Caribbean Regional Support Team Director, Dr. César Antonio Núñez

César Antonio Núñez joined UNAIDS in January 2007. He is now Director of the UNAIDS Regional Support Team for Latin America and the Caribbean. He brings over twenty years of experience in managing HIV and international public health programs, with extensive knowledge of global and regional political, economic, social and epidemiological trends and the AIDS response.

Dr Núñez provides leadership and support for an effective and coordinated United Nations system response to HIV in Latin America. This includes promoting a conducive policy environment to allow for the expansion of HIV prevention, treatment, care and support programmes. Dr Núñez leads the office in supporting countries to achieve the targets set out in the 2011 Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS.

Dr Núñez works closely with a large number of regional partners including governments, civil society groups, governmental caucuses and specialized entities to ensure continued commitment to and engagement in the AIDS response in Latin America.

Earlier in his career, Dr Núñez worked as Director of the National AIDS Programme of the Ministry of Health in Honduras; he also served as Deputy Director of PEPFAR/USAID Regional Program to Strengthen the Central American Response to HIV.

Dr Núñez, a national of Honduras, trained as a physician and surgeon and has a specialization in International Public Health from the University of Washington in Seattle, USA.

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Officer in Charge Jamaica, Nkhensani Mathabathe

 Location: Jamaica

Telephone: + (1 876) 960 6536

Fax: + (1 876) 929 4451

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Country Coordinator Guyana and Suriname, Martin Odiit

Location: Guyana

Telephone: + (592) 227 4372

Fax: + (592) 223 3177

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Officer in Charge, Dominican Republic, Bethania Betances

Location: Dominican Republic

Telephone: + (1 809) 565 1155

Fax: + (1 809) 565 1146

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Country Coordinator for Haiti, Yafflo Outtara

Telephone: + (509) 513 77 17

  Fax: + (509) 513 77 17

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